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It is definitely alarming when you hear water not only coming out of your faucet but also behind your wall. Or maybe you hear that little hiss of a leak underneath your floor. BJ & Son Handyman Service has seen it all. We are ready to tackle your plumbing problems. Family owned and operated in the Martinsburg, WV area for years, we know what to expect from weather and shifting soil. When your house settles, it might create a plumbing problem. These problems can cause additional problems, especially with your flooring. Our plumbers are experienced and certified with extensive training. We cover clogged drains and drain cleaning. If you have a blockage. we are experts at clearing and repairing the lines. Maybe your washer runs over as it drains, we come and analyze the integrity of the line to find what is blocking the drain. Don't endure the hassle, call us to come take care of it asap. 

You'll find our plumbing services cover all problems large and small. Your time is valuable.  You might not have time to fix that leaky faucet.  We can fix it for you at a reasonable cost and at your convenience.  Toilet problems with flushing or water flow can be very time consuming. We have experience with the latest water conservation toilets that use less water but have powerful flushing capabilities. We can determine if your home would qualify for these energy savings toilets. In addition, we provide sewer snaking to keep your lines clean. Tree roots can cause problems with sewer lines. We know how to troubleshoot plumbing in Martinsburg, WV. 

We recommend routine maintenance and care for your plumbing. Winterizing is very important.  If you have a summer cabin that you need to winterize, give us a call. We will be by your side all year long for any plumbing service. Call now for a free consultation and estimate.

BJ & Son Handyman Service is knowledgeable in plumbing repairs, drains, and sewer lines.

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